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Programming Support
Programming Support

Payment and Fees

Because our main business is "developing for web designers" we have come up with a simplistic and affordable payment solution to meet everyone's budget. Ask us now...

$0 / $500 All payments must be received prior to work commencing
$500 / $1000 50% upfront and the remainder prior to upload to live set
$1000** 30% / 30% / and the remainder prior to upload to live set.

* Minimum of 2 hours is required on all projects unless specified by your HCS representative.
** For very large job's we are happy to arrange alternative payment plans

Need a developer for a month or more?
Speak to us about short term contracts, we can arrange for one of our coders or designers to join your business. All of our people are trained and managed by us in ecommerce and other database development projects.

What should I do after accepting HCS to work on my site?
1. Backup your database and site files (If you are uncertain about doing this please let us know.)
2. Send us all relevant information including FTP details, store login details, database backup and site files relevant to your project.
3. Tell us prior to starting work if you have any other mods installed.
4. If you need us to upgrade the site you MUST send us the legally licensed files or we will not be able to assist you.

Terms and Conditions
We have a 100% guarantee all of our work will be written to the specification quoted on and will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive what you pay for. We will not rest until you are satisfied.

A. From time to time we experience issues with hosting facilities with unusual server configurations, we will not be held liable for their problems and at the time of discussing your project we assume that your hosting facility have standard setups.

B. We will install custom mods for you as part of our service; if you wish to do your own installation then we cannot be held responsible for incorrect installation. We do however provide you with the install scripts, help files and instructions.

C. All projects are developed and tested locally prior to release, we request that during the time you have contracted us to work on your project you do not make any script changes without notifying us.

D. If for any reason you have security issues with us working directly on your site then we are happy to discuss with you alternative arrangements. We do however regret in some instances that we may need you to provide temporary access if a script will not work, we do not offer refunds if you will not allow us this access to resolve your problem

E. We test all of our work using Windows, Mozilla v.1+ and Internet Explorer v.6+. We unfortunately do not own a Mac so we cannot test or guarantee that all coding will be suitable.

F. Any changes you may request outside of the writing specifications document will be reviewed; we will let you know in advance if there are any additional billable hours.

If you have any question please feel free to ask, we are a service oriented company.

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