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Custom Payment Provider
Custom Payment Provider

With the purchase of this mod, we will add your custom payment provider to the shopping cart.

The standard process for us to develop a custom payment processor is as follows:
1. Send us your account name, password etc for testing (once testing is complete, we urge you to change the password if applicable)
2. Send all relevant links to the Payment Processors website along with links to developers area. (Sorry, if its a new development, we do not include any applicable costs, fees and charges associated to the Payment Provider interface or support line if the Payment Provider has any such charges.  If the Payment Provider does not have testing facilities i.e.. dummy credit card number and/or amounts, the client must accept up to US$10 in transactions which you will see on your bank statement as proof of purchase. These costs will be passed on to the client and you will be notified of any such charges prior to development.).
3. Please note that some interfaces for Custom Payment Providers may take up to two weeks pending on the complexity of their code. However, the usual timeframe is three days and one day for testing.

Additional hours are some times required due to the complexity of some payment providers.

We will notify you if there are any special requirements that your merchant requires you have installed on your server for the gateway to work, please note that this is at your cost and is in no way covered in the fees charged by HCS to work in this development, in most cases there are not.

All inquiries about gateway should be made via our support desk,

Here is a list of the gateways we have written.

Westpac - (Australia and New Zealand)
Viaklix -
Efsnet -
PlugnPay -
Ideal (ING Bank and Postbank business bank)
Eway XML -
Transaction Central / Primerchants -
Esec -
Intellipay -
eProcessingnetwork -
Paynjunction -
Stormpay -
ProPay -
Innovative Gateway -
Direct One -
eMatter -
Netregistry XML -
swiftCD XML -
Bluepay -
Virtual Card Services - (South Africa)
NetRegistry -
Securepay -
SkipJack -
Credomatic bank -
iTransact -
ANZ eGate -
Paypal Subscription & Recurring Payment -
CCBill Gateway -
Commonweb Gateway -
Eway Subscription & Recurring Payment -

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