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Backup/Optimize mySQL
Backup/Optimize mySQL

Backup and Optimize your database.

At the press of a button you can now backup your database. Not only does it backup but it also optimizes it to run better.

So if your shopping cart doesn't seem to be running as fast as it used to or is doing something unusual for no apparent reason. An optimization will enable your database to run at it's fastest and can fix some of those weird problems.

This is a tool that you could use every time you logged in to your control panel to create a current backup of your data.

And God forbid the tragedy does occur - and we all know it does - you can also restore your database through this tool.

Take a look at it in action - here
username = mystore
password = changeme

With this mod there are no version updates to do and its very simple to install (2 minutes), just run the store updater each time and your done.

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Price: US$ 10.00
AUS $10.00 GBP 5.57 6.38 EUR

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